Rocky Mountain


Fencing Academy



To remember:



“Every Champion one day was a beginner”


"Champions strive to exceed their limits – By making the good better, and the better best"

"They never let it rest until the good is better, and the better is best"

"Real winners are champions in life, not just in sports"






Upcoming tournaments:



01/17/2015 Saturday Night Unrated Senior mixed Epee, SDFA Centennial, CO  


01/17/2015 CO Youth Cup #2, SDFA Centannial, CO


01/24/2015 Bill Goering Memoria - CO Cup #3, DFC Denver, CO


01/31/2015 Saturday Senior Open Epee & Saber, FAD Littleton, CO


02/13-16/2015 Junior Olympic Fencing Championships, Richmond, VA  - Deadline 01/14/2015


02/20/2015 Friday Night Fight E & Under Epee, Foil, Saber, DFC Denver, CO


02/21-22/2015 RYC 2 (Region 4) - CYC #3, DFC Denver, CO


02/27-03/2/2015 DIV 1 National Championships, NAC CHR, DIV III, VET, VTM, Reno, NV  - Deadline 01/20/2015


02/28/2015 Santa FE Y10, Y14 Epee, Santa Fe, NM


03/7-8/2015 Colorado Cup #4, SDFA Cenntenial, CO


03/14-15/2015 CO Youth Cup #4 - CYC #4, FAD, Littleton, CO


03/22/2015 Three Weapons Mixed D and Under and Vets, DFC Denver, CO


04/12-14/2015 ROC of the Rockies DIV 1A, DIV II, VET, Epee, Foil, Saber Reg. 4, DFC, Denver, CO


05/30-31/2015 Colorado Cup #5, FAD Littleton, CO


06/13-14/2015 FAD Youth Pre-Summer Nationals, FAD Littleton, CO



06/27-07/6/2015 USA Fencing National Championships & July Challenge DIV I, JR, CDT, San Jose, CA




Latest results:



1/9-12/2015 January NAC DIV I, JR, CHR, STM, Sal Lake City, UT


01/01/2015 Hangover Open @DFC, DFC Denver, CO


12/14/2014 CO Division Junior Olympic Qualifiers, SDFA Cenntenial, CO


12/13-14/2014 Marathon Epee, OTC Colorado Springs, CO


12/5-8/2014 December NAC DIV i, DIV II, VET, Dallas, TX


11/22-24/2014 SDFA Rocky Mountain SYC, Denver, CO


11/15-16/2014 Colorado Cup #2, FAD Littleton, CO


11/7-9/2014 November NAC JR, CDT, Y14, Louisville, KY





The Rocky Mountain Fencing Academy in Colorado Springs and the Denver area offers an epee fencing instruction and open fencing for everybody. We are proud to present opportunities for anyone to practice one of the original Olympic sports in a friendly, easy going environment we welcome both newcomers to the sport and experienced competitors that train like professional athletes. No matter who you are, there will always be a good match for you at our club. Call ahead and arrange for your introductory lesson. We have all the equipment available for loan to get beginners started right away.


Rocky Mountain fencing Academy has programs specifically geared toward all types of fencers – from children and youth programs to adult classes’ right through to highly competitive coaching for world class athletes. As well, the RMFA offers junior and varsity programs in a number of schools in the Denver and Colorado Springs area to better prepare young athletes for collegiate fencing teams.


The Rocky Mountain Fencing Academy is organization dedicated to promoting the sport of fencing, making it accessible to children and young adults who might not otherwise be able before to learn this beautiful sport. This is accomplished through various methods including community outreach programs. We never turn away from a young student who wants to learn to fence.

If you are interested in making a contribution to help promote fencing programs in your community, school, or in working with us to help bring fencing to more young people, please contact:


Maciej Czyzowicz at: 303-918-8383303-918-8383 or